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    Thanks so much for stopping by! After five awesome years in North Carolina, my husband Caleb and I have relocated to McKinney, Texas, and we've welcomed a baby girl to our family. I'm not currently able to take on any additional weddings, but I look forward to getting back to doing what I love best, photographing weddings, soon. In the mean time, please look around my blog. Thanks for being here!

Monthly Baby Photos | My Daughter

My little sugar just had her second birthday, and I wanted to share the monthly photos that I took during her first year. It’s funny to see how she’s changed from the swollen, spiky-haired, round baby ball that she was at one month to the little girl she is today.
I had a similar star wand when I was a kid, and everything is little more fun with a magic wand, right? She’s wearing different mostly-white outfits each month instead of a basic onesie. The outfits were things that she regularly wore, so they trigger good memories for me (minus the frilly dress at month 11–that one obviously didn’t get too much wear, but it was a sweet gift from grandma).

I was a little relieved when the 12 monthly photos were finished. That sofa and pink baby blanket backdrop actually moved to 3 different cities in 2 different states with us during my daughter’s first year–our homes in LA, Santa Barbara, and McKinney, TX. Also, I got off to a bad start, as the month 2 photo was actually taken at 6 weeks (the reason it looks so similar to month 1) because our belongings were packed and sitting in temporary storage for a while during that period. But, phew, I persevered and am really glad that I have them all.

In the future my hope is to take one photo with the wand on each of her birthdays. Happy second birthday, darling!

Jane + Jeff | McKinney, Texas

Yes, I’m still on maternity leave, and I am enjoying spending so much time with my new little love. We’ve moved again. We’re in McKinney, Texas now–for good. We bought a house! The great thing about Texas is that we’re closer to our friends and family in Kansas, and a few of our good friends have moved to Texas too. When our awesome friend, Jeff, who lives in San Antonio, asked me to shoot a couple of photos of him and his lovely new wife Jane before their upcoming ceremony in Taiwan, I was excited to break out my camera. Here are a few quick favorites.

2012 Year in Review

I’ve been away from the blog for a while, but I’m back to share my 2012 year in review:

January: Starting off with the biggest of the big news–Caleb and I got pregnant. Hooray!

Then we took a trip to Aruba. Also, Hooray!

February: We were living in Indianapolis and so excited that our (short-term, adopted) city was hosting the Super Bowl. Not that I’ve been to any other cities’ Super Bowl festivities for comparison, but I think Indy did a fantastic job.

March: I celebrated my 29th birthday in my PJ’s because I was just too sick to do anything else. That feeling went on for weeks. Those early days sure can knock you on your butt, but the good news is that you forget about it later…for the most part. I’ll spare you the birthday photos.

April: We moved into a studio apartment, just two blocks from the beach, West of LA. I prepped for the baby, as well as one can while living in a tiny box.

May: A weekend camping trip in Yosemite was mind-bogglingly awesome! I cannot wait to go back. If I had a redo, I would rethink my plan to “rough it” while pregnant though. Sleeping in a tent sans-air mattress made for a couple of long nights. Photos don’t do it justice, but I’ll post them, because that’s what I do.

Also, Caleb learned to surf.

June: We celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. My husband is still the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

And, I ate oodles of cupcakes. LA has amazing cupcakes.

July: We checked three major league baseball stadiums off the list (on our way to the goal of rooting for the home team at all 30 MLB stadiums). Go, Angels, Dodgers, and Padres!

August: I didn’t continue running once I was pregnant (big hats off to the ladies that do!), but we did manage to squeak out a 5K because I’m crazy about these color races. We got up at 2 am to drive from LA to San Diego to be the first in line for the day-of registration at San Diego’s ‘Color Me Rad’ race. It was worth every minute of lost sleep!

September: We celebrated Caleb’s 30th birthday with Cirque du Soleil. We just snapped this one photo of the two of us, with crazy light. Then one more of me super-pregnant. Yikes.

October: Baby Charlotte was born! She is everything that I never could have imagined my perfect baby to be.

November: We moved to Santa Barbara for Caleb’s third and final rotation, and I cannot stop myself from posting more photos of my little chunk. Yes, her hair always sticks up like this. It’s unstoppable, and I love it.

December: Enjoying our lovely little town.

Plus, Charlotte’s first Christmas.

Thank you so much for coming along for my 2012 highlights. I’m taking some time away from wedding photography to focus on being Charlotte’s full-time momma, but I plan to blog a bit more this year (after my dismal showing last year, that shouldn’t be too lofty of a goal). Hope your 2013 is off to a beautiful start! xo.

Elizabeth + Bart | Lawrence, Kansas Wedding

Elizabeth and I have been friends since I joined her Girl Scout troop in the 5th grade. We went to middle school together where we had a crush on the same boy and then on to high school where we sat at the same lunch table every day of our senior year. Naturally, when it came time for college, we both attended KU where our dorm buildings stood next to one another at the top of the hill.

After school, Elizabeth went on to attend seminary in Atlanta. She met Bart at a conference in Phoenix while he was attending seminary in Austin. Sparks flew and the next thing we knew, Bart proposed while they were on a trip to India (seriously, they rode an elephant together!). After hearing so many good things about him, I was thrilled to meet Bart at their Atlanta engagement session last fall, and I couldn’t have been happier to be in Kansas to photograph their wedding this past weekend. The ceremony was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Lawrence and the reception followed at Alvamar Country Club. Congratulations, you guys! I love you both and wish you a beautiful life together. I know that there are so many good things in your future as you start your new journey in Roanoke!

The moment that makes it all real: the first time a bride sees herself in the veil.